Affiliate Marketing : Bring traffic & Earn

An affiliate marketing is the type of marketing program in which an online retailer pays some percentage of money to other website for bringing more traffic on website and sales generation from its referrals.

This option is available on all the e-commerce site, lets take the example of

How to promote Product from amazon and make sales ?


  1. Choose the type of product you want to promote. Once you have selected the category go to the next step

NOTE : To know the interest rates of category visit :       /amazonrates

2. Create a website, if you already have one then its perfect and if you dont have then create one.

3. If you have a website based on shoes and you have selected Shoes category from amazon, means you are on the right path.

4. Sign up for the amazon affiliate program,

– go to        – scroll down to button click on become an affiliate

– Sign Up and become an affiliate.

5. Select an item you want to promote,

– Go to google and type Amazon India best Seller and select the link :  best sellers : The most popular item on amazon

6. Now select the category, and select the product

7. Read the reviews about the product and then go to your website

8. Write about the product on your website, detail of the product, pros & cons of the product, now paste the image of the product on your site and link the image, copy the link of the product from amazon site, which is available on top left corner of the site. open your site, click on the image, edit the image and link the product link with the image and post.

See this Video for better understanding


hence, Enjoy earning keep reading my blog, use the opportunity and be financially strong.






2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing : Bring traffic & Earn

  1. I had a rough idea about it earlier , but it seems quite easy and simple … i will soon try something of this sort


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