Realisation : Feeding soul is as much important as feeding body.


Realisation is an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact, when you consider anything as a fact then you try to accept it in your mind and keep it in you heart. Realisation not only help you find yourself but it also help you find out ways to look for peace, love and happiness in people and your surroundings.

what does it mean to Feed Body & Soul ?

Intake of proper diet with necessary vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates feeds the body, provide us the energy to work at our respective place so in the same way we should do something to feed our soul as well.


Some people go to religious place to find peace, happiness and love and some people do good for the people like  bhandara, distibution of clothes , providing basic education etc and all these activities are perfectly great.

But, there is something else , if you follow that then with feeding your body you can feed your soul as well.

  • Intake of Proper diet containing proper nutrient, which is a component in foods that an organism uses to survive and grow.


  • Introspection, which is the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes. ( this must be done at the end of the day ).


  • Prayer, In prayer we ask our father in heaven.


  • One on One Relationship with GOD.


  • Meditation/Yoga can also be one way of feeding soul.
  • Being surrounded by positivity.\


If you have decided to feed your soul with your body then just follow this simple activities :-

  1. Reading spiritual books.
  2. LoveGod<3LovePeople<3
  3. Spend early time with heavenly father lord the almighty.
  4. Spend time in yoga/meditation.
  5. Exercising/jogging.
  6. Introspection at the end of the day.
  7. Doing good for the people.
  8. Helping Your neighbor, colleague, friends, family etc.
  9. Stay positive at all times.
  10. Avoiding negative people but get attracted with positive people.
  11. Learn as much as possible from elders.

hence, one must take care of his/her soul with body.





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