Somethings Just like This : Be a Superhero For Someone who need one.

Super Heroes are some type of costumed heroic characters who posses super natural or superhuman powers and are dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, caring and helping the society. Today i want to talk about how some simple & ordinary humans can be  super-humans or super heroes in someone’s life without even literally
possessing any kind of super power.

There are several scenarios & situations in life where a normal human being can be a super hero for others.

Situation 1 : At Home

*  Getting up early in the morning, helping mom in filling the water in containers, water bottles , helping her cleaning the house and  doing basic activities which mom does everyday.
* Helping Mom preparing the breakfast and lunch  for everyone, both guys and girls can do this : in case of husband/wife, husband can help his wive in doing these activites.
* After Coming home from school/college/workplace, we can do our works on our own,eg:- keeping our bags, clothes, lunch box at their respected places so that your mom/wive doesn’t  have to do it for you :people living in pg/flats/awayfromhome must be doing these on their own but for them if they will keep it properly it can benefit them the other day.

* After eating dinner, keeping used plates in respected place/putting waste in the dustbins etc.

” Once you start doing these acts, you wont be non less than a super hero/heroine for your mom/wife as well as yourself ”

Situation 2 : In School/College/workplace

* In School, helping your partner in studies, motivating him/her , inspiring him/her for   sport activities, sharing lives with each other , praying for each other etc.
* In College, if you are good with something, help people if they require your help,
Eg:- if you are in any society of the college then helping your friends in whichever way    possible.Helping Your friends in their projects if you are good in some specific field.
” One of my friend took me in one of the fest, she called her friend, did some effort and we were in the fest” – Thanks Arushi
*  At Workplace, if you work in team then you can consider your partner as yourself, helping him/her in every possible way, sharing your food with each other, sharing quality time with each other, being loyal and true to your managers and your company.

” Being loyal with your manager and company, surely you can be a super hero/heroine for them & if you will be loyal with yourself then you can be a super human in your own eyes. ”

Situation 3 : Helping people in Unknown & Unexpected situation

* Helping older people in holding their luggage whenever required.

*Helping friends when they are in need, if you will help them, then you will be like a super hero for them, ‘ i still remember how faisal and parmatma helped me  at 2am ‘. – Thanks bhaiyo….
* There can be many sitiation in which you can be a helping hand for people.

Situation 4 : Giving Surprises to your parents, friends, managers, teachers,collegues etc.

*  Buying gifts for mom and dad, cooking mom’s or dad’s fav meal, going for walk at night with parents, Going out for food etc.
* Sending long texts to your friends expressing any situation, appreciating them, telling them those things which you really like in them, sending gifts to them, giving surprises at night etc.

Hence, Every human being has a super hero inside him/her, its just you need to bring it out and be a super hero for someone.

LOve GOD ❤

StayConnectedBeSuperHero 🕶


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