In My Vein : When You Experience a Fall, that’s the perfect time to Get up & Prove Yourself.

There are times in our lives when we experience fall, it can be related to our work, studies, business, relationship and different internal or external affairs but, you know what that’s the best time to get up, tighten up your shoelace and prove yourself. At that time people hardly think about the fact that staying positive and boasting up in this situation may lead to a rising star all over again, but they don’t. So gear up people and prove yourself.

There are many aspects in each one of our lives, when not giving up, may give courage & confidence to start our life all over again. 

  • Parents get stressed, when their children do not get admission in school at proper age, rather than staying in stress, they should keep trying or if nothing happens this year then, they should try next year and leave the rest of their children’s life in the creator’s hands.


  • Parents start scolding & shouting at their children when they don’t do well in their studies or if they want to join any sports of their choice, but rather than scolding & shouting if they will Encourage & motivate them, that would work better and rest God will take care.


  • Relationship depends upon how you act & talk with each other when there is tough times because when everything is perfect people usually don’t care much, But God knows Everything about us.


  • When we are surrounded by so many people via social media you barely care about special people, who would do anything possible for us and we take him/her for granted and when he/she is gone then you realize their worth, but still there is hope.


  • When your manager, scolds you after an incomplete task, you should take it in positive manner and learn from it, and perform well whenever next opportunity comes.

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  • Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God, We should not believe in the chariots and horses but we should trust in the lord our God who created us.


  • We should never worry about our future, just do really well in your studies, keep your trust  in GOD, Believe in him and you will see Miracle in your life because GOD’s grace in enough for us.



There can be many more live examples in your life which gives you stress and force you to quit but remember We all have One GOD who loves us so much and he is our friend who has created all of us with a purpose so rather than quitting lets fulfill his will through our lives.


Hence, Seek Faith in the Lord -> Believe Faith -> Proclaim With Faith. Rather than getting stressed, always have a hope for something positive and positive will happen. Never give up on those things which are temporary because life will always give you another opportunity to live and do well.





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