Holi 2017 : Start being Holy from this Holi-Day & Significance of Holi.

Holi, the popular Hindu “Festival of Colours” is celebrated all over India, March 14.Holika Dahan precedes the festival and was marked on the night of Sunday, March 13. That is when people gather their friends and relatives around a bonfire. It is also known as Chhoti Holi. Rang Panchami is celebrated a day later. That is when people play with gulal or colours. Holi is a traditional Hindu festival which essentially symbolises the victory of good over evil. The festival also marks the beginning of spring. 

On Chhoti Holi, people light up a bonfire in the evening and gather around it. The fire is meant to signify the destruction of evil – the burning of Holika – a Hindu mythological character and the triumph of good as symbolised by Prahlad. Some suggest the fire also depicts that winter is now over and is symbolic of the hot, summer days ahead.

When we feel Holi
On Holi or Dhulandi, people apply gulal on each other. While many choose to use dry, herbal, powdered colour to play Holi, others use water guns (traditionally known as pichkaris) or throw balloons filled with water at each other and, sometimes, even unsuspecting strangers. Gujiyas, native to Rajasthan, are a festive favourite for all foodies. Thandai, an almond-flavoured concoction with a natural cooling effect, is a staple drink during Holi. 

 Stay holy 

God created us holy as he is holy, however from our wicked ways of the world we keep on doing what pleases us and gives us pleasure, but God never leaves us, he is always in search of us and  watches us all through our days, when we are out of money, peace and love then he comes to us and tell us how much he loves us and he says, my dear child when you were in your wicked ways I was watching you and let you do whatever you wanted to but then I realised,now you can’t handle this life all alone so I came to you to tell you how much I love you. 

In our lives, we are always involved in so many different kind of issues related to school, friendship, college , work pressure etc and keep God aside but whenever any problem encapsulates us then we call out for God.

However, just want to tell you that GOD is always on our side and We should always give him our time and love.


However you chose to celebrate Holi this year, remember to be safe and respectful of others. Happy Holi! Stay Holy as God is holy.


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