Some Basic Scenarios Every Human Being Experience.

There are loads of activities that we do in our daily lives which never make us realize how much money, time and effort we have utilized and still we stand nowhere, but what if you can do a lot more utilization of that money, time and effort.


According to Desi’s Theory, Every human does everything keeping these 5  scenarios in mind.

  • NEED
  • WANT
  • ENVY

NEED : Things which are important in our daily life.


Eg : When travelling from one place to  another with our family we require a car which is our NEED, it does not matter which car it is, but it should be a car. We never say that we NEED a jaguar or Audi for our basic travel,we simply think to buy normal car with basic features.  Hence, NEED is all about basics.

WANT : When all our basic requirements are fulfilled then WANT comes into action.


 Eg : When we have all we want to live a good simple life then we think of buying somethings better and our NEED changes to WANT.

ENVY :  When we have the desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing.


 Eg : when you visit people or travel to new places and you find it very interesting  then you get this little desire somewhere deep down in your heart to have these things to make life better.

PRIDE : When you simply want to show off.  


 Eg : There was a group of 4 friends, all friends were very close to each other, then one day one of the guy bought a gold ring and started to show off among his friends but nobody reacted anything for the ring then finally at the end of the day that guy himself with a loud scream shouted bhai new ring laya hu dekhlo yr subah se flaunt kar rha hu bar bar hath  show kar kar karke baat kar rha hu, then everyone laughed at him and told him that we were just intentionally not appreciating  you hehe.

  SELF-SATISFACTION : No matter what people think but i love to do this.


Eg : Eating street food, listening to old music, travelling to places for your own sake, spending time all alone , praying , reading, running and this list goes on…….

Hence, if people will start using money, time, effort and their assets according to their requirement then they can save a lot of money, Utilize maximum of their time and can use their effort in useful field.









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