GENTLEMEN with Suit, An Ultimate Outfit πŸ•Ά

Hi Readers,

As there is sudden change in weather condition of capital city of India still I chose to write blog on something which never go out of the style ‘ SUIT ‘.  According to census report, 85% Indian Groom prefer wearing a suit on their day, remaining 15% prefer Sherwani, Kurta Pyjama or formals i.e Shirt&Pant. But I must say Suit is an Ultimate men’s outfit for occasions like formal parties, official meets, weddings etc.

As per the title of this blog, Gentlemen with suit I must say after wearing Suit men start believing automatically that they are gentlemen, their way of walking; way of meeting people ; way of talking; way of carrying them automatically changes.

As per my Experience of wearing suit, From the time I start wearing it till the time I keep it back in the cover there is a perfect gentlemen which encapsulates my personality. It makes me feel really superior, smart, sophisticated, confident, bold etc. With suit a nice watch and formal suit will give you different feel.

I Must say All men out there reading this blog must avoid wearing normal outfits and start wearing Suit on Special Occasions.


My Gentlemen Friends in Suit


Faisal, Mera Soul mate Dost ( Best lead Ever)

Syed Mohd. Faisal Malik at Lodhi Road Islamic Centre 

Syed Mohd. Faisal Malik at Aligarh 

Faisal  at Chhatarpur farms


Jobinson, Mera Lawyer Dost


Jasper Wilson, Mera smarty Dost


Viplov Yadav, Mera Photographer dost

Nikhil Kumar Mishra, Mera Pakka Dost


Sagar Gupta, Mera Handsome Dost


Chaitaniya Sharma, Mera Bullet wala Dost


Parmatma Yadav,  Mera UP wala daring Dost


Saurabh Pathak, Mera Mech. Engg. Dost

Sudhir Giri, Mere Office wale Dost 

Neeraj Taitwal, Mera Bachpan ka Saccha or Accha Dost

Hope, You people out there must have loved these people and I hope you will start wearing Suit in your special Occasions.

Thanks for Reading



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