Dear Readers,

This is the most exciting blog, MENWITHBEARD in this blog, I’ve recorded real and practical examples of my good friends.

hope you will get inspired and after reading it will start growing beard.

Sagar Gupta , Software Engineer@NIIT


Sagar’s thoughts and experiences about BEARD

  • Beard tranforms a boy into a Man and it looks good on me, makes me feel proud and I look like a gentleman with BEARD.


VIPLOV YADAV, Professional Photographer


Viplov’s thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • Without beard i cant survive and with beard I feel confident and mature.
  • And beard suits me.


Syed Mohd. Faisal Malik, Software Engineer@Netree E-Services


Professional Dancer, Football Captain and Employed Software  Engineer

Faisal’s thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • I’ve growing my beard since 2014 and it has been an amazing experience and I am still working to keep it amazing.
  • I am not growing my beard to flaunt but for my Personal Satisfaction.
  • A man can start a beard but a true man never finishes one.
  • If you don’t like beard shave off your beard and wear a dress that you would be a great female impersonator.
  • Be a man grow beard and live with that with no regrets


Mohd. Faizan , Software Developer@Netree E-Services and Professional Poet

Faizan’s thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • For me Beard is not just about fashion but its my choice because it makes me responsible.
  • It represents my personality


Vivek krishna, Sr.Marketing Manager@Netree E-Services

Vivek’s thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • I have been keeping a beard forever.
  • Through thick and thin, my beard has always been there with me.
  • Be it a stubble, well kept or wildly growing everywhere, it always kept my head up and my confidence on point.
  • I’d love to keep a beard forever.


Deepak Singh, Key Account Manager-Recruitment@ Jobsgrove


Deepak’s thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • The reason i keep beard as its in trend these days and gives me different looks.
  • At times i do experience with it.
  • My face looks mature with it.
  • About maintaining it, i use shampoo and hair wax to set them up.


Mohit Singh, Admin Executive @News 24 Channel Film City


Mohit’s thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • It takes 3-4 months to Grow good beard.
  • Ans yes if you will respect beard then beard will respect you.
  • Bohot jyada care karni padti hai dosto, aise nahi bante mard.
  • To maintain my beard i use shampoo, trim it and use breard oil.


Tahir Hussain, Software Developer@Netree E-services


Tahir’s thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • Beard, yes I love my heard and i keep scratching it heheh….


Bupender, Team Lead@Netree E-Services


Bhupender’s thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • I use continuous shampoo and oil in my beard.
  • I keep different Styles of beard.
  • People calls me Aamir khan of Mangal Pandey


Chaitaniya Sharma, Studying in France

Chaitaniya’s thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • Growing beard is growing up your mind and body with a matured attitude that is been respected everytime.
  • beard Brings Positive Vibes everyday.
  • Beard shows the real Personality.
  • Beard shows real life of MANHOOD.


now its ME, Abhishek Sauda, Software Engineer@Netree E-services

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My thoughts and experience about BEARD

  • Even though, I am not Worthy to be a part of this blog with these amazing friends of mine ; anyways I am growing my beard now even after 4 months my beard has grew this much only heheh.
  • People say bhai shave karle beard acchi nahi lagti but I always say bhai abhi toh starting hai aage aage dekho hota hai kya.



Special Thanks to my dearest people

  • Sagar Gupta
  • Syed Mohd Faisal Malik
  • Viplov Yadav
  • Mohd Faizan
  • Vivek Krishna
  • Deepak Singh
  • Mohit Singh
  • Tahir Hussain
  • Bhupender
  • Chaitaniya


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