Morning diaries , wake up early & see the difference ✌🏼️

Hey readers,

A very good morning to all of you, after waking up early in the morning (after a long time ) I realised, getting up early really benefits me. I always wanted to get up early but I could not then suddenly today I woke up and it feels so amazing.

You must have read the advantages of getting up early, going for running 🏃, spending time in prayers, spending time with family etc so today just want to share how getting up early can really make the difference, save your lot of time as well as keep you freshen up for the whole day.

Early morning prayers

Readers, seeking Gods face early in the morning has its own beauty in itself just try once to wake up early and pray honestly it will be your best experience with God.

Early morning walks / runs / exercise etc

Readers, most of the corporate people or people who are usually out of time coz of their busy schedule are not able to maintain their health so this is the best time for them, get up early , pray and go for a good walk with little exercise and this all together will make your day awesome 👌🏼

Start your day with refreshed heart, Mind and body 

Once you are done with prayer, running and good breakfast ! Then you can go to your work place, schools , colleges and you may see the difference ✌🏼

Hope, YOU readers will do early morning prayer, exercise and save your lot of time which will really make difference. Continue for atleast 15days you will see the difference and become habitual 😇

For women

For men 

God bless you readers 


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