NETREE, Cricket match 🏏

Cricket has always been an amazing sport for Indian.

As Virat Kohli is touching heights & making records and our Indian blind cricket team reaches the final so we NETREEANS, decided to express our happiness by play cricket at India gate.

It was really awesome, our respected CEO Mr. DESI VALLI, for the first time took his first ever wicket and ended up with all together 3 wickets 👏🏼

Some of the pictures of the cricket match 🏏

Waiting for the netreeans at INDIA GATE 

Mr.Desi valli, bowling his first ball and after this, he took 3 wickets his best ever record  😀

Our office boy ARUN at his best 😀

It’s me,the bowler 😋

Changed the pitch at that was grassy 😅

#bhupender #arun # Manoj # ABHISHEKSauda

Break time Snacks time # biscuits #pepsi #chips yummmmmm😋

It was The End of Cricket #photography #Indiagate ₹abhishek ₹parmatma ₹MrDesivalli ₹bhupender ₹arun 

Journey back home 😇

Thank you God for an awesome match and keeping all of us safe from all harms & danger 

To know more about Netree e services, we provide Retail solution for small and medium retailers and Netree is a perfect place to make them digitalised. #digitalretailers#distributors

Netree E-Services Pvt Ltd

B109, Pocket A, Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110020

God bless you 


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