An Adventurous Experience, BikeJam showed Humanity

Dear Readers,

MUST read this blog, this will tell you the existence of humanity & Friendship in 21st century

Why This Heading ?

This heading is because of my two colleague (Faisal&Parmatma) from office, who showed the true symbol of Friendship and Humanity in their act.

GIF, before I start 


Adventurous Experience At 2 Am

Everything started like this, On 9th feb’17 i.e yesterday, i was coming from office at 2 am because of some important project i had to work till late so i walked that extra mile with completion of tasks then i was coming home ,and it was my first experience coming so late from office or from anywhere ALONE.

I started from office at 2am, was driving with soft music and after some kilometers i realised that there is something happening to my bike but i kept on driving bike then suddenly near nehru place petrol pump my bike was totally discharged and  it stopped then i tried to start the bike again but was not able to, so i was really worried and dint know what to do next because still my house was 10kms.

TWO ANGLES, i must say two angels

When i was in that situation, i prayed and called two of my friends Parmatma and Faisal, i was glad both of them was together, faisal picked up the call and i said ‘ bhai bike kharab ho gayi hai nehru place aaja parmatma ko leke’ and without even a single thought or anything both of them came to me i mean that was really amazing, i must say these are two real Heros of my life.

and then, parmatma helped me park my bike at petrol pump, faisal dropped me till my house i mean just in front of my house and parmatma followed us till my house, honestly that was the best adventurous experience for three of us.

hence, humanity and friendship still exists

God Bless you Brothers,


Few pics of that night

After I reached home !

Look at the time !

Happiness on our facesbike at petrol pump !

Awesome it was 

Honestly, i thank GOD for his protection and help through those two humans, love you lord and just want to tell you readers that GOD is our helper at the time of need, harms and danger and he loves us a lot so trust him.





6 thoughts on “An Adventurous Experience, BikeJam showed Humanity

  1. first, there is no sorry and thank you in friendship and secondly you are my partner P.S ( PROFESSIONALLY) 😛 so i have to take the step to help you in your bad time and support you as a team and i did the same , in future also i will do the same

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