Observation, Everyone Does Knowingly or Unknowingly

Hey Readers 🏳️‍🌈

Today, i’m really excited to write something on observation, this is one of my favorite topic because i myself  observes a lot. Hope you will like the thoughts and can relate yourself with the things i am going to share happy reading 📖



Observation means viewing or seeing. We go on observing some thing or other while we are awake. Most of such observations are just casual and have no specific purpose. But observation as a method of data collection is different from such casual viewing.
Observation is defined as the action or process of closely observing or monitoring something or someone.

Few characteristics of Observation 


Observation is casual
Observation is specific
Observation is objective
Observation is recorded immediately
Observation is effective
Observation is verifiable
Result sometimes depends on past Observations
Observation is selective

Hence, we should have at least desire to observe surroundings

Types of Observation


Participant Observation
Non-participant Observation
Direct Observation
Indirect Observation
Controlled Observation
Uncontrolled Observation

Advantages Of Observation


-Helps to achieve objectives.
-Useful for young and shy children
-No need of equipment or tool
-Useful for individuals as well as groups
-Immediate detection of problems
-Provides direct information
-Easy to complete, saves time
  can be used in natural or experimental   scenario

Disadvantages of Observation


-May take time to observe
-Incorrect observation may lead to failure.
-Observing boring stuff may lead to sleepy mood.
-Observation may be wrong or blurred – when the object is at distant.

Observation Tools And Recording Devices 🔭

Observation guides
Recording sheets or checklist
Field observation log
Mechanical devices

Hence,Observation can be a helping hand for you in your working places, by observing your seniors, juniors and people who does their work more efficiently and effectively.


Finally after reading this blog there is small exercise for you people, below there is a picture which is posted so Observe the picture for 30seconds and then write a story within 4mins and the story should consist of Past, present and future. Please be honest to your self with the time limits. You can share your stories in the comment box below or can observe and share with your friends.                    


thematic apperception test 46.jpg


Thank you for writing a story, none of the story is correct or incorrect, its just how you see and what you see







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